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Eureka Springs Hospital employee Vicki Andert has been named Employee of the Year 2014 by Allegiance Health Management.


She was selected from among all employees of the 32 health care facilities Allegiance operates across five states.


Andert has worked for the hospital since 2006, she serves as the Chief Nursing Officer and is the next in command to the CEO, Chris Bariola.


Vicki was selected due to her display of outstanding leadership skills, passion, hard work, positive attitude, being a team player and putting these traits to use tirelessly on a daily basis.  She truly cares about the patients, staff and the facility as a whole. It is evident that Vicki highly values quality patient care and she is a positive role model. We are truly blessed to have her here at Eureka Springs Hospital.

About Author: Catherine Pappas

Catherine is head of public relations for Eureka Springs Hospital.



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