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It is very common for patients to experience a gradual recovery of health and strength following major illness or debilitating injury. Unfortunately, sometimes patients are discharged from large hospitals once they are no longer acutely ill but before they are actually well enough to be returned to their home. The reason for this is generally owing to reimbursement policies set by Medicare, which tend to reduce the length of hospital stays.


Patients and their families must often choose between returning to home care prematurely, or else dealing with cumbersome transportation to and from sub-acute facilities located far from the patient’s home.


How The Eureka Springs Swing Bed Program Can Benefit You


But there is a better solution. To fill this need for a more convenient rehabilitation for patients who have been discharged from a hospital but still require medical care, our Swing Bed Program has proven to provide quality care close to home.


This is particularly important for elderly Medicare patients who would find it strenuous and stressful to undergo transport to distant facilities.


swingbedswingbedpeddlingThe Eureka Springs Hospital can thus employ its beds, as needed, to provide acute or skilled nursing care to the patient. The benefit to patients and their families is profound.


Medicare Part A — Medicare’s hospital insurance program — typically will be billed to pay for post-hospitalization extended care services provided by a swing bed hospital, so this benefit may be available to you without any additional out-of-pocket cost.


Why this program is important to patients at Eureka Springs Hospital:


The Eureka Springs Hospital’s Swing Bed option is a sub-acute program for patients who are ready to be released from the hospital but need just that extra bit of care in a medical setting before they are ready to go home again.


Patients remain in a hospital setting, where they are tended to and treated to specially prepared meals, expert nursing services, housekeeping and scheduled daily activities to speed their recovery.


Services Offered:


-Physical Therapy

-Repiratory Therapy

-Occupational Therapy

-Wound Care



Common Uses:


-Hip or knee replacement surgery

-Strength training after a prolonged hospitalization

-IV antibiotic surgery

-Rehabilitation after a stroke

-End-of-life care for those who are unable to go home on Hospice care



If you or a loved one is hospitalized in another city and would like to be closer to home, feel free to ask to be evaluated by our Swing Bed Admissions Coordinator by having the Discharge Planner of the hospital you’ve been treated at call us at Eureka Springs Hospital. Or, you can call us directly with your questions. We are here to serve you! Call (479) 253-7400 and ask to speak with the Swing Bed Director or a Charge Nurse.


Medicare and co-insurance plans will cover most, if not all, of the cost of the Swing Bed program. Therefore, you will experience a more complete rehabilitation following your hospitalization and will return home ready to resume your normal routine faster.


Contact Us For More Information:


Program Director Ken Eggert is available to answer all your questions about the Eureka Springs Hospital Swing Bed Program. He can be reached by calling (479) 253-7400.



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Welcome to Eureka Springs Hospital. Whether you are a patient or a visitor at our hospital, you can expect that our staff of dedicated employees and physicians will be working tirelessly to ensure that you receive excellent, personalized care in a comfortable environment close to your home.

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