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MRI: How it works and why it's safe



A picture is worth a thousand words. No truer statement could be made than when discussing radiology. Diagnostic imaging is a valuable tool doctors use to diagnose and treat many illnesses. It provides a way for the physician to see what is happening inside the body and devise a treatment plan to help you on your way to recovery. We at Eureka Springs Hospital understand the need for state of the art equipment as well as compassionate and caring staff to assist in this process for our patients.


Our dedicated radiology staff is here to provide you with the best possible care while utilizing the newest technologies which offer the most detailed views in the least amount of time. Images are acquired and sent to the radiologist for interpretation. With our PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System), this step is almost instantaneous, allowing a diagnosis to be obtained quickly. Our goal is to have you on your way to treatment as soon as possible.




Radiology Services:

Imaging Services at Eureka Springs Hospital include:


  •  CT Scans
  •  Ultrasound
  •  MRI
  •  Bone Densitometry
  •  Digital Xray


  • 32 slice Siemens Scope Power CT scanner – newly installed at Eureka Springs Hospital, takes twice as many images as a conventional CT scanner; faster images show more detail with less motion
  • Toshiba Aplio Ultrasound – Clear imaging, resolution and penetration capabilities to have you on the road to a diagnosis and treatment quickly
  • GE 1.5 Tesla MRI – Powerful Magnetic Resonance Imaging whole body MRI scanner. The 1.5 Tesla was designed for faster scan times and a lower signal-to- noise ratio.
  • GE Lunar Prodigy - DXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) provides accurate bone density results to enable physicians to monitor therapy for their patients
  • Quantum DRdrive – Digital xray equipment utilizing Carestream technology for better resolution, faster imaging, and less dose.



For questions about one of our services or to make an appointment call 479-253- 7400 extension 2205.




Welcome to Eureka Springs Hospital. Whether you are a patient or a visitor at our hospital, you can expect that our staff of dedicated employees and physicians will be working tirelessly to ensure that you receive excellent, personalized care in a comfortable environment close to your home.

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