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Depression in Geriatric Population


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Inspirations, in association with Eureka Springs Hospital, is an intensive outpatient psychiatric service for senior citizens of our community and the surrounding areas.


Inspirations operates on one simple promise: We promote expert intervention to improve and maintain independent living in older adulthood.


Inspirations is not to be confused with ‘Adult Daycare.’ Inspirations is much more than that. Inspirations is the place for you to overcome the fear of change, and help you learn how to adapt to new challenges and changes in your life. Inspirations is a place to come to and learn how to have a good day again.


Everyone wants to feel enthusiasm, resilience, and to experience a rejuvenation of good mental and good physical health in their Golden Years. As one ages and independence declines, a person may gradually lose the ability to cope with life. The Inspirations program was therefore designed to assist these individuals in learning to cope and continue to enjoy life.


Adults 55 years of age and older can add the Inspirations program to their weekly routine and learn strategies to get their energy back, learn how to eat a healthy diet, learn the benefits of regular daily exercise, and maintain good mental health. At Inspirations, we explore how they can access modern technology, allowing participants to overcome the fear of computers and smartphones, to stay in touch with friends and family, and to feel like a part of this vast interconnected world we live in again.


Insight Into The Mission of Inspirations:


Inspirations helps people find the knowledge that helps empower them to live life with zest again. We are here to help increase your enthusiasm for life and resist depression thoughts that lead to giving up. Here is a place where you can laugh, share and have a happy day.


We provide two group therapy sessions (morning 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and afternoon 12:45 pm – 3:15 pm) that incorporate fun and friendliness while discussing life’s challenges in a cozy setting.


Our staff includes a Program Director, a registered nurse, one licensed therapists,  a Psychiatrist, and three transportation specialists, who will all help you in improving your life.


Lunch and snacks are provided daily and wheelchair-accessible bus transportation is available for pickup and return to home.



Information for Family Members:


Inspirations helps your loved one stay positive and feeling young at heart. They get respect they deserve. They experience a positive, supportive environment. The clean, cozy setting enhances the socialization and the fellowship participants crave. Professional drivers provide safe wheelchair-accessible bus transportation to and from home or assisted living facilities in the area to help the busy family.


Inspirations-Room: The friendly staff at Inspirations tend to the needs of your loved one, offering everything from snacks to cheerful conversations. Inspirations therapists are trained to maintain close observation of every individual’s health. Prescriptions can be dispensed while your family member is here at Inspirations. If an emergency arises, the staff is trained to respond to all emergency situations and alert the family as well as the primary care physician.


If you observe your family member 55+ or older suffering from any one of these signs or symptoms, Inspirations stands ready to give you support:






If you or your loved one are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, or you believe you can benefit from our program, please call us today. We are here to help you.


Information for Medical Professionals:


You can be confident that Inspirations will aid in the healing and recovery of your patients. Our service has been known to:


  • Reduce chronic medical visits
  • Monitor your patients affected by perseveration
  • Help your patients who may suffer from somatization disorder
  • Give you confidence that your patients will receive excellent attention to their well-being, as well as a higher level of professionalism in medical monitoring management


Medical professionals can trust that the Inspirations staff is fully capable and trained to help monitor your patient’s medical progress and notify any concerns back to the primary care physician immediately. Inspirations augments your practice and extends your ability to deliver quality care to your patients. We complement your medical practice by working with you as a ‘Medical Team’ approach, but we never compete with your practice. The goal is always what’s best for your patient.


Information for Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities:


Your residents will benefit from the services offered by Inspirations because if you have a resident you are concerned about, Inspirations can help you in a variety of ways. Our transportation services make it easy for your facility to get your residents to and from Inspirations without having to tie up your own staff with transportation duties. Inspirations becomes then a value-added service you can offer to residents, delivering added peace of mind to their families.


 What’s The Next Step?


Call and consult with us over the telephone to determine if Inspirations is right for you, your loved one, your patient. At Inspirations, we believe that the later years in life should be a time of enjoyment.  Please, don’t wait. Call us today at (479) 253-1320 to learn more about Inspirations. You may also contact Sherri Fitzpatrick, our Program Director, directly at (417) 207-6803. We are located at 2 Parkcliff Drive, Holiday Island, AR 72631.


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