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Our Mission:


We at Eureka Springs Hospital are committed to the service of healing.


We are dedicated to:

Respect the dignity of all persons,

Serve our Community, Patients, and Staff,

Compassion towards the needs of our patients and family,

 Equality in the delivery of services to our patients and opportunities for our staff.

Excellence as the standard by which all aspects of our mission are measured,

Equality in the delivery of services to our patients and opportunities for our staff.





Message from our CEO

As one of the oldest operating Critical Access Hospitals in the State of Arkansas, ESH has been servicing Carroll County citizens since 1929. Currently, you will find the facility on the historical listing for historical land sites, and it provides the highest innovative care ranging from the latest PACS system, and a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Our innovation allows primary care providers and specialists from all over the state to access our patients outcomes and recommendations to ensure continuity of care is accomplished at ESH.


As each year begins, I am glad to say that the Eureka Springs Hospital strives for continuous improvement and focuses on service excellence; we strive for this while servicing Carroll County citizens; and the approximately 750,000 visitors and tourists who travel to our great city annually.


I am proud to be a part of Eureka Springs Hospital and we look forward to serving you.




Vicki Andert, CEO


Eureka Springs Hospital



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We are a Critical Access Hospital

What is a Critical Access Hospital?

A Critical Access Hospital (CAH) is a hospital certified under a set of Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP), which are structured differently than the acute care hospital CoP. Some of the requirements for CAH certification include having no more than 25 inpatient beds; maintaining an annual average length of stay of no more than 96 hours for acute inpatient care; offering 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency care; and being located in a rural area, at least 35 miles drive away from any other hospital or CAH (fewer in some circumstances). The limited size and short stay length allowed to CAHs encourage a focus on providing care for

 common conditions and outpatient care, while referring other conditions to larger hospitals. Certification allows CAHs to receive cost-based reimbursement from Medicare, instead of standard fixed reimbursement rates. This reimbursement has been shown to enhance the financial performance of small rural hospitals that were losing money prior to CAH conversion and thus reduce hospital closures. CAH status is not ideal for every hospital and each hospital should review its own financial situation, the population it serves, and the care it provides to determine if certification would be advantageous.

Critical Access Hospital in Eureka Springs


Eureka Springs Hospital of Carroll County is a Critical Access Hospital. We aid in the continuation of medical care services for rural residents.

What Does a Critical Access Hospital Do?


    Aids in the continuation of health care services for rural residents

    Enables hospitals to be eligible for cost-based Medicare reimbursement for inpatient and outpatient services

    Can limit services and utilize physician assistants and /or nurse practitioners in an effort to reduce their loss

    May choose to maintain its current services; however, the hospital must agree to the bed size and annual impatient length of stay limits

    Provides small, rural hospitals with a range of opportunities for service enhancement, quality of care improvement, and certain economies of scale through network participationt


Benefits of Critical Care Access Hospitals


    Receive enhanced Medicare reimbursement for covered in-patient services

    Receive 100% of allowable costs for Medicaid out-patient services

    Retain any Medicaid payment for inpatient services in excess of charges

    Receive 100% of charges for outpatient services by the State Health Benefit Plan and Board of Regents Health Plan


Designated by U.S. Health & Human Services


Eureka Springs Hospital in Carroll County has been designated a Critical Access Hospital, as defined by the Office of Rural Health Policy, part of The Health Resources & Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.


The Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Program was established to aid in the continuation of healthcare services for rural residents.



Community Services

Eureka Springs Hospital is heavily involved in our community. Click any of the pics below to see more in depth info.



Welcome to Eureka Springs Hospital. Whether you are a patient or a visitor at our hospital, you can expect that our staff of dedicated employees and physicians will be working tirelessly to ensure that you receive excellent, personalized care in a comfortable environment close to your home.

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